Merry Go Sing A Long

Liner Notes by Jackie Kaspersin

The happiest music on earth - Band Organ Music - is now available with singers performing the most popular songs. 
The idea for vocals to be added to band organ music is the brainchild of David Kaspersin, with the performers gathered
from some of Dynamic Recording’s most popular musicians. Each person performs a song meaningful to him or her,
making the tunes really special.

Happy Birthday Blast -   At Dynamic Recording in Rochester, New York, long time studio musicians and recording artists
Jerry Brongo, Al Keltz, and Chuck Parnell added keyboards, guitar, and bass respectively, and Cheryl Parnell played the
drums to perfection!  

And, we DID have a blast visiting The Blasting Room studios in Fort Collins, Colorado, where the vocals were recorded
by Jonathan Luginbill for the most popular song ever!  Truly a family event, the recording session introduced all ages
to the recording process, and the CD cover photo includes everyone: Dave & Jackie Kaspersin, Dave’s daughter Wendy and
her husband Toby Shigley, Wendy’s daughter Amber and her husband Jeff Sanchez, Sr., along with their three children,
Jeffrey Jr., Jason, and Maci.

Charmaine - Alfred St. John on steel pans.  As a youngster in Trinidad, Alfred looked forward to the school dances,
and Charmaine was a popular song amongst those preferring a slower rhythm - watchful parents hovering on the sidelines .

Peggy O’Neil - who should sing this song but Peg O’Neil Dolan ?  Peg has recorded numerous CDs at Dynamic and performed
on a variety of special projects and other musicians’ works as well as having a full live performance schedule. Proud of
her Irish heritage, Peg pretty much IS smiling all the while.  

My Little Bimbo Down On The Bamboo Isle - Jeff Elliott vocals, Danny Blues clarinet   Jeff Elliott has performed on many
an isle in his career, and  island  tunes are a popular part of his vast repertoire of the favorites of every decade.
Another Dynamic Recording artist  with  several recordings and a busy performing schedule, maybe he WILL  get to build a
bungalow sometime!

My Blue Heaven - Danny Blues Liposchak, clarinet, saxophone.  Appropriate that the one and only Danny Blues should be
performing this song!  He’s also playing the clarinet on long time associate Jeff Elliott’s selection.

Yes, We Have No Bananas - PJ Elliott    Yes,  apparently PJ is too busy performing all over upstate New York.
He hasn't had a banana in over forty years !  

Georgia On My Mind - Jeff Riales  Originally  from Memphis, TN, Jeff hasn’t lost  all of his southern accent in
the years he’s been in Rochester, NY.  A singer-songwriter with several albums to his credit, and credits on
fellow musicians’ projects too, Jeff is an award winning performer.

Aggravatin’ Papa - Carol Mulligan   The perfect song for a Dixieland jazz singer to perform!   Having a long career
as in-demand vocalist with the Smugtown Stompers Dixieland Jazz Band, Carol's popularity  has grown with the release
of her own albums and work on other musicians' projects.  

Blue Skies - Alfred St. John on steel pans  The blue skies so memorable in the Caribbean are evoked in this melodic
rendition of steel pans.

The Happy Wanderer -Alfred St. John & Nick Massa.  Happy whistlers Alfred and Nick teamed up to record a song that
everyone loves to sing (and whistle).  Nick owns the Seabreeze Inn in Rochester, NY.